Your donation will help support the local capacity building, women’s health, girls’ empowerment and other critical initiatives. 

We currently have two fundraising priorities: 

Safe spaces are mentored groups proven to delay marriage by keeping girls in school. Teenage girls connect with peers, gain critical life skills and bridge gaps in academic learning. Girls who have completed safe space programming have experienced a twentyfold increase in secondary school completion and a delay of marriage by 2.5 years.

Your donation of $190 will support one girl's participation. A gift of $3600 will fund a safe space for all the girls in one school for a year. 

Center of Excellence for Women’s Health and Empowerment In collaboration with the University of Niamey, the Center will cultivate local champions for family planning, and increase understanding of what works to delay marriage and childbearing in Niger.  

The Sahel faces a perfect storm of humanitarian threats: global warming, extreme poverty, low status of women and rapid population growth. Sustainable and scalable solutions to these problems must come from within the region. The development community based in the Sahel includes many promising leaders, but they have limited access to funding and professional development opportunities. 

Your donation of $500 will support a local champion in family planning and girls empowerment in Niger

Please support OASIS Initiative programs in West Africa by making a donation today.  Contributions in any amount are welcome.